Our healing music store has a variety of spiritual gifts to meet your needs all year around.  Our unique greeting cards include a copy of the 36 minute healing prayer set to music using soft guitar and voice harmonies.  The greeting cards can be gifted for loved ones in need.  Every gift card purchased also includes a free digital download so you can listen to it on your phone or tablet. Lastly, we invite you to attend the spiritual awakening experience in your area!  Check out some of our testimonials from over the 10,000 attendees below.

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This unique greeting card is combined with a 36 min powerful prayer for healing, set to music.  The healing prayer can be played throughout the day can act as an inner healing prayer or it can provide a gentle touch at bedtime.  Relaxation and comfort can be found in this soft and relaxing meditation music. It can also be used to help you gain a deeper spiritual connection with God or even yourself. Gift it as a prayer for strength and healing for a friend after surgery, or even as a prayer for the sick. Lastly, if you’d like, we can even personalize or customize a special prayer message inside for any need.

This beautiful 36 minute prayer for healing combines peaceful melodies into one CD. The calming music is a relaxation CD that can be used as a guided meditation prayer for the sick. The prayer for guidance has sound healing music tones that provides a powerful impact on personal inner healing. You can also give this healing gift to someone you love so they too can experience Gods creative power for healing in their life and others. Download your copy of this peaceful healing music today or send the digital download to a loved one you may know that is in need of healing.

These healing prayer unique greeting cards and healing music combo comes in a box of 12. These gifts can be used to give to family or loved ones that could use relaxation music for stress relief and healing any time of the year. Sending a healing prayer for a friend is a great way to spiritually connect with someone far away. Listening to this healing music is a great way to uplift your mind, body, and soul. We can also include a special prayer message for healing inside for your loved ones.


Prayer & the Results of Prayer have mixed views around the world. Please consult a competent doctor and latest scientific research on how personal beliefs and choice of music affect the healing outcome, such as the human consciousness and body of an individual that chooses prayer as a method of healing.

Healing Prayer Digital Download

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Personal Special Prayer Message

For Only +1.99 We can include a special prayer message in side for your loved ones.

Healing Prayer Customers Reviews

“You reached the depths of my soul with your music. Keep proclaiming in this way. Thanks so much for sharing”.
Mr. and Mrs. Cinder
"You have such a gift with sharing in a very powerful way the power of prayer, to show people the feeling and emotion beyond the words. Thank you for letting me share this very wonderful and powerful experience. Thank you again."
Jo-Anne L
"What a magnificent musical arrangement! It is melodious, meditative, calming, and unquestionably dignified."