Healing Prayer Requests are received daily during your time of need.  Asking for help, especially to a stranger can be difficult if you don’t have the strength.  Sometimes a quick little anonymous note makes it easier.  No matter what your going through today, submit your prayer request and we will have our dedicated staff of prayer warriors praying for you.

Urgent Prayer Requests

The following are just a few of the many growing needs for healing.  The last several years our world has seen an increase in tragedies, natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, and flooding to name a few.  You can experience this healing prayer right from home if your unable to attend a live event.  Grab a free mp3 download of the healing prayer, and use it as a daily prayer for your time of need.

Healing Prayer for the Sick

Prayer for Healing Relationships

Prayer for Children

Submit Your Prayer Requests

Healing Prayer for victims of Tragedy

Prayers for Married Couples

Prayer for Peace

This experience is a must attend.  People from all different faiths, religions, and belief systems come together to call on God for help in the time of need.  Gain your confidence, strengthen  your spiritual, and let your soul be healed.  Join us in this opportunity for inner healing.

Your one of 1.98 million people in need each year turning to Google to find a prayer for healing.  That means your not alone! You may need something that gives you comfort, peace, and guidance.  Let us meet you wherever you may be in your healing journey.  Draw a deeper connection with yourself and God. Grab a copy of the healing prayer, play it as a daily prayer, or use it as a guided meditation.  Either way, we want you to experience the peace it provides.  We understand financial challenges and we want everyone to benefit.  Only pay if you can afford it.

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."