spiritual awakening experience

The spiritual awakening experience has touched thousands of souls globally.  This inter-faith participatory 45 minute program captures the inner healing for each and every person that attends. The small, intimate and peaceful setting is designed for every participant to feel at ease and comfort.  No matter what your going through, if your in need of healing, please join us for this free beautiful healing prayer devotion today.

Healing Prayer Spiritual Awakening

soul healing music

Quiet Music with Peaceful Harmonies

The gentle spirit of unity transforms souls when participants from different faiths participate.

Melodic Tune

The skillfully designed melodic tune makes it easy to follow along and join in.

Daily Prayer

This daily prayer used in the morning, during the daytime, and even at bedtime can be used whenever your in need.

Relaxing Meditation Music

Using this relaxing meditation music for self-reflection and growth will help you transform your life.

spiritual awakening testimonials

Free mp3 download of the 36 min healing prayer

If for some reason you can’t attend the live event, you can experience this powerful prayer for healing set to music right from the comfort of your own home.  It can also be gifted as a prayer for strength and healing for a friend after surgery, or even as a prayer for the sick. Either way, if you’d like to send this melodious prayer to someone in need of healing, send us an email, and we can even personalize a special prayer message for any need. Give the gift of healing today……